She has long red nails
she scrapes the cheese off danging it above her mouth and chewing it yummy
and most of the sauce comes off at this point
she scrapes the dough against her teeth
enjoying the moist soft layer that remains raw feeling despite the big oven baking
she pauses to consider the rest

then she folds the flat pliable bottom bread in half and then again
and pops it in her mouth the light turns green
my mother eats pizza like this

We're in a '91 navy blue continental we double park
it's dark out with neon everywhere I run in
it's flourescent they're wearing boat shaped paper hats
and green with red and orange aprons and it smells great… great
I order the dogs
I bring them to the car and we sit up straight
and we take off the buns and we turn off the radio
and we stop talkin and we eat the dogs
one two three four, one two three four
they are delicious we walk away we drive away

She scrapes her teeth against the cold, hard, sweet pint
she prints a circle of incisors against the rim -- vanilla mocha chip
she passes it to me in the back seat
I take a lick and pass it back
she squeezes the cardboard to bring some more up
and eats the whole pint

I look in the bag and find the frozen cheesecake,Sara Lee's
I unfold the tin and scrape out a bite
we leave Friendly's cones in hand
sitting in the backseat of our big leather car my sister and I sit quietly
(we always sit quietly)
I finish mine..vanilla chocolate chip in a minute or two
she sits with hers as it melts down her hand, it melts down her hand,
it melts down her hand.

Dad's singing loudly in the front
my Dad he sings loudly in the front
hours later it seems she gets to the miniature cone inside the cone
Can I have that?
She passes it to me I bite the bottom
Dad,s singing loudly in the front
I bite the bottom and suck the cream through and chew up the rest
Blankly..she stares out the window

(Ice cream man..the ice cream man.)