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Melissa Pearl's music is being used by ABC-TV to promote:
"The Bachelor," "General Hospital,"
"George Lopez," "Good Morning America,"
"NFL Football," "One Life to Live,"
"Port Charles," and "World News Tonight."

To inquire about licensing Melissa Pearl's music (songs or
instrumentals) for television or film, please send her
an email at

"A Good Day"was played in the ads for
"The Bachelor" during August and September 2003.

"Prince in the Road" was featured on
Dateline NBC in July 2003.

"Tumbling Through Space" aired on the
Warner Brothers TV show "Black Sash" in June 2003.

"DAWSON'S CREEK" opened an episode
with "Prince in the Road" last season.

"The Bachelorette" licensed "I Finally Found You"for
2004 promotion on ABC-TV. Song custom-written
for show's promotion producers.

"Extreme Makeover" licensed "Brand New You" for
2004 promotion on ABC-TV. Song custom-written
for show's promotion producers.

Melissa Pearl loves to write for film and television so send
her an e-mail if your project needs music.

"Down on the Farm," "A Good Day," "Hit Song"
and "Circles." "Rickety Road" is airing in Trinidad
and Tobago where it was written.

Order two CD set (25 songs!) $25.
For more information or music licensing


For music and lyrics CLICK HERE



"Lily Tree is the prettiest song of the year! Play it!"

-Jim Nyland...KSJB Radio, Jamestown, North Dakota

"Lily Tree is a winner! She's getting more spins than Reba!"

-Alan Berry, Program Director, WIFE, Connorsville, Indiana


"Have you all been playing Melissa Pearl's Lily Tree? My listeners love it and her whole CD is great. I believe this lady is star material!"

-Sherry Kelly, Program Director, KVRC, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

"Way to go music directors!! Gotta like you getting on Melissa Pearl's Lily Tree. Listen to it!! Play it!! Your listeners will love it and you'll find yourself singing (I sure have). Great song, great lady. Let's do more with it. When a great song like this comes along you gotta play it!"

- Jim Nyland...KSJB Radio, Jamestown, North Dakota

"The Lily's are blooming early for Melissa Pearl. Her song is my pick to be a national hit!"

-Derek Beck, Program Director, KIOD, McCook, Nebraska


"Lily Tree is a magnificent catchy and charming. Our listeners are loving it. We're getting a lot of requests for it. Melissa Pearl is a very talented artist and is well on her way with this one..."

-Jerry Wilson, WTBG, Brownsville, Tennessee

"I just have 6 words for you Lily Tree Lily Tree Lily Tree. Great song. Great harmonies, really nice and talented lady. It stands out from the first spin! We have to get together and support an artist like this! Melissa Pearl is on her way with Lily Tree. I believe it is THE song to watch."

-Jim Nyland...KSJB Radio, Jamestown, North Dakota

You can hear "Hit Song" and "A Good Day" on the following radio stations: You can hear "Lily Tree", "Down on the Farm" and "Circles" on the following radio stations:
"Hit Song"...3259 spins so far and counting...! "Lily Tree"...5167 spins so far and counting...!
KBCQ Roswell, New Mexico
KCLD St. Cloud, Minnesota
KEMB Spencer, Iowa
KFFM Yakima, Washington
KFMC Fairmont, Minnesota
KFMI Eureka, California
KHLA Lake Charles, Louisiana
KIXY San Angelo, Texas
KJCK Junction City, Kansas
KKCK Marshall, Minnesota
KLAZ Hot Springs, Arkansas
KLBQ El Dorado, Arkanasas
KLDR Grants Pass, Oregon
WDAY Fargo, North Dakota
WGMG Bogart, Georgia
KIFX Whitesburg, Kentucky
WILI Willimantic, Connecticut
WIQQ  Greenville, Mississippi
WMQT Ishpeming, Michigan
WMRV Endwell, New York
WNDV South Bend, Indiana
WTID Tuscaloosa, Alabama
KLYV Dubuque, Iowa
KNEN Norfork, Nebraska
KOTM Ottumwa, Iowa
KQKY Kearney, Nebraska
KRAI Craig, Colorado
KROC Rochester, Minnesota
KRRG Laredo, Texas
KSDL Sedalia, Missouri
KSYN Joplin, Missouri
KTXY Columbia, Missouri
KYEE Alamogordo, New Mexico
WFLE Flemingsburg, Kentucky
WIFE Connersville, Indiana
MPAK River Edge, New Jersey
WPAY Portsmouth Ohio
KZZY Devil's Lake, North Dakota
KSJB Jamestown, North Dakota
KKOW Pittsburg, Kansas
WOBL Oberlin, Ohio
KPNC Ponca City, Oklahoma
WWBE Salinsgrove, Pennsylvania
WTBG Brownsville, Tennessee
WTRB Ripley, Tennesee
KVRC Arkadelphia, Arkansas
KIOD McCook, Nebraska
KXBZ Manhattan, Kansas
WDMS Greenville, Missouri
KBOE Oskalooa, Iowa
KMCO McAlester, Oklahoma
WDKN Dickson, Tennessee
KCYN Moab, Utah
WBBN Laurel, Mississippi
WLLX Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
KGKL San Angelo, Texas


"Lily Tree" is rated a "Prime Mover" by "New Music Weekly"
 Fox TV KPCQ "Q-13" Seattle Morning Show played live "Lily Tree" and "Waters."
KOMO 1000 ABC Radoio Seattle. Onging airing of 9 songs including "A Good Day," "Prince in the Road," and "Hit Song."